• You must be 21 years of age or over to compete in this event
  • You should have some previous experience of hill or trail running, and be used to covering distances significantly in excess of a standard marathon
  • You must have the ability to navigate: some sections are pathless
  • As we are a small operation, we encourage all runners (especially those from the UK/Ireland) to have their own crew to:
    • get them to the start prior to the 0500hrs race start
    • meet them at CPs with food, spare kit, etc.
    • If assembling a crew is a hardship please let us know, and our race crew will be happy to assist you with getting to the start, and will deliver your pre-packed drop bags to the aid station(s) of your choice
  • You must adhere to the following Cutoff Times:
    • You must arrive @ Sligachan CP no later than 1900hrs, or may be withdrawn at the discretion of race officials or Race Director
    • You have 26hrs to complete the course: 0700hrs Sunday at the southern terminus
  • You must carry the entire Mandatory Kit over the entire course
  • You must obtain and carry the ‘Skye Trail XT40’ map from Harvey Maps (Tel: +44 01786 841202)
  • Runners may be paired/grouped up for safety at the discretion of race staff
  • The Race Director reserves the right to alter/shorten the route due to inclement weather, safety issues or other factors. Sorry no refund can be given.
  • Any runner, who at the discretion of a marshal or medic, is considered unfit to continue will be withdrawn from the race
  • You must display your running number at the front of your person at all times,
    Consider investing in a ‘running number belt’, no number on display = you being stopped
  • You must declare your race number to, and be acknowledged by the marshal when approaching a CP. Do not exit the CP before you get the ‘ok’ from the marshal. Failure to do so will result in your disqualification
  • Any deviation from the route may result in your disqualification or a severe time penalty
  • Sorry, no dogs
  • No walking sticks, poles or other aids are allowed
  • You can use headphones during the race if you wish, but you must remove them when approaching a CP, or a road junction, or during the entirety of any road running sections
  • If you gotta go … you gotta go ! … take a ‘poo’ bag with you, carry it out!
  • Please respect our beautiful countryside … do not drop litter
  • Do not disturb ground nesting birds or any other wildlife
  • If you encounter livestock on the trail, detour AROUND them … DO NOT run THROUGH them!
  • Beware a cow with calf, if she feels you are threatening her calf, she may charge you and cause you considerable injury … detour around them!
  • Do not approach or enter any man made structure, unless it is a designated CP

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in your disqualification, or a severe time penalty, at the discretion of the Race Director. Please make it easy for him, and follow the rules.