• You must be 21 years of age or over to compete in this event
  • You should have some previous experience of hill or trail running, and be used to covering distances significantly in excess of a standard marathon
  • You must have the ability to navigate: some sections are pathless
  • If you wish a ride to the start, you must attend at the Broadford Village Hall no later than 0500hrs race day in order to be bussed up to the start location for the event to commence at 0640hrs. If you are late, we will not wait for you. Depending on the number of competitors wishing to be bussed up, there may be a charge
  • You must adhere to the following Cutoff Times:
    • You must arrive @ Sligachan CP no later than 0730hrs, or may be withdrawn at the discretion of race officials or Race Director
    • You have 25hrs 50min to complete the course: 0830hrs Sunday at the southern terminus
  • You must carry the entire Mandatory Kit over the entire course
  • You must obtain and carry the ‘Skye Trail XT40’ map from Harvey Maps (Tel: +44 01786 841202)
  • Runners may be paired/grouped up for safety at the discretion of race staff
  • The Race Director reserves the right to alter/shorten the route due to inclement weather, safety issues or other factors. Sorry no refund can be given.
  • Any runner, who at the discretion of a marshal or medic, is considered unfit to continue will be withdrawn from the race
  • You must display your running number at the front of your person at all times,
    Consider investing in a ‘running number belt’, no number on display = you being stopped
  • You must declare your race number to, and be acknowledged by the marshal when approaching a CP. Do not exit the CP before you get the ‘ok’ from the marshal. Failure to do so will result in your disqualification
  • Any deviation from the route may result in your disqualification or a severe time penalty
  • Sorry, no dogs
  • No walking sticks, poles or other aids are allowed
  • You can use headphones during the race if you wish, but you must remove them when approaching a CP, or a road junction, or during the entirety of any road running sections
  • If you gotta go … you gotta go ! … take a ‘poo’ bag with you, carry it out!
  • Please respect our beautiful countryside … do not drop litter
  • Do not disturb ground nesting birds or any other wildlife
  • If you encounter livestock on the trail, detour AROUND them … DO NOT run THROUGH them!
  • Beware a cow with calf, if she feels you are threatening her calf, she may charge you and cause you considerable injury … detour around them!
  • Do not approach or enter any man made structure, unless it is a designated CP

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in your disqualification, or a severe time penalty, at the discretion of the Race Director. Please make it easy for him, and follow the rules.